Writer's Studio 3.4.1

Create and 'Publish' Your Book Today!Easily Edit Text, Graphics, Music & More!Anyone can Write! Writer's Studio gives you the tools you need to create amazing personal eBooks & presentations. Fill your work with Text, Art & Graphics. Set Timing ...

Writer's Studio 3.4.1

Create and 'Publish' Your Book Today!
Easily Edit Text, Graphics, Music & More!

Anyone can Write! Writer's Studio gives you the tools you need to create amazing personal eBooks & presentations. Fill your work with Text, Art & Graphics. Set Timing and Layout page by page to perfect your Book, then Publish!

"...Just the Ticket...if you want to create personal, rich media e-books or presentations, Writer's Studio is a good call!" - TUAW.com

Top 10 iPad / 50 iPhone - Entertainment!

Share your work with the World instantly. Save to iBooks, post to YouTube, Email .mov file or PDF, even Save to Photo Gallery, or Play to Apple TV via AirPlay!

Powerful Text & Paint tools are ready to help you create. Import Photos or Graphics for use as Clip Art. Even add a Soundtrack! Voice, Music and Text to Speech are available right in the App. Writer's Studio gives your dreams the freedom they deserve!

Perfect for Story Books with narration, student & professional Presentations, even event Books for Weddings, Birthday's, or Anniversaries. Perhaps you might Create and Layout the next great novel!

Writer's Studio is a Universal App! Buy 1 Time for 1 Price and Download to All your iOS Devices!

Please view the built in Full App Tutorial; easy to use and easy to learn! Just Tap the "?" Button.

Get 'Published' Today! Features by Version:

v 3.4

* Full Cineverse* Access!
* Text Editor Insert Fixes

V 3.3 "The Retina Update"

- Amazing New Retina Paint
- iPhone 5 Screen Support
- Fresh New User Interface
- On Pallet Frequently Used Tools

3.2 / 3.2.2 / 3.2.3

- iOS 6 support
- Export to iBooks!
- Resolved Video Export in iOS 6
- New iPad & iPhone 5 Support
- Performance & Drawing Tweaks
- Text Editor Sync Fix

3.0 / 3.0.1

- Text Editor, Write for Page Layout!
- Word Wrap, Wrap Text Around Graphics!
- AirPlay! Watch Books on 2nd Gen. Apple TV!
- ClipArt Cloud Import & Management!
- Text to Speech!
- Pitch Adjustment in Microphone Playback!
- Finger Gestures- Close Menus & Swipe Pages!
- New Brush Styles & Eraser Control!
- Email Support, Email Book as PDF or .mov!
- Gallery Support, Save Movie Book to Device!
- Sound Volumes Synced to ClipSound!
- Expanded Tutorial in "?" Button!

Writer's Studio 2.7 / 2.8.7

-- Menu Drawer UI, Create on 100% of Screen!
-- AirPrint! iOS 4.2+, In-App Print w/Preview!
-- Book PreView Grid w/ full Page Control!
-- Clip Art Graphic Controls!
-- Text Justification, Opacity & Layering!
-- Color Wheel w/ Zoom Preview!

-- Page Swiping
-- Microphone Sync Tweak
-- Fixed, Layers & AutoSave
-- Fixed, Sleep Save
-- iOS 3.1.3 - 3.2 Improvements

Writer's Studio 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.5

- Zoom Tool
- 30 FPS! ¢ HD!*
- In App Clip Art w/ Gallery Import!
- Music System w/ Instruments!
- AirBrush w/ Spray & Dot Control!
- Layers! Draw in 4 'Multiplane' Dimensions!
- Object Tools- Paste, Scale, Rotate & Move!
- Color Mixer w/ Custom Color Save!
- Expanded Text Support!
- Full In-App Tutorial!

Writer's Studio 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.3 / 1/3/5

- 1st Story App w/ Sound & Sync!
- 1st to Post Sound to YouTube®!
- 1st Story Editor as Universal App!
- Virtual Stylus, Finger won't Block View!
- Neon Paint
- Picture & Film Frames!
- Draw, Paint, Timing, Preview!
- Un-Do/Re-Do - Eraser - Finger Smudge!
- Easy Color Picker!
- Twitter® Support!
- MMS* & Email Support!

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